Bruce Raymond, PE


10 Lackawanna Ct.

Spanish Fort, AL  36527


Experience Highlights


Bruce Raymond has over thirty years experience in engineering and business. He started Raymond Technical Services in January 2005. It provides engineering consulting and prototype design, fabrication, and testing services along with software design, development, and testing. He has a proven history of problem solving and troubleshooting.


In 2005 RTS won a $3.5 million Air Force contract to assess the effects of directed energy weapons on fly-by-wire flight control systems. Part of the contract was to provide technical oversight and coordination of the efforts of ten subcontractors designing and providing prototype optical hardware. RTS then integrated and tested the experimental test setup at NASA and two Air Force locations. The contract was completed on time and within budget. RTS has a DCAA-approved accounting system.


RTS is currently producing software for Agilent for use with their latest spectrum analyzer and digital oscilloscope offerings. The software is written in C#/.NET and runs on both PCs and inside of the test instruments. The intended market is users and producers of military and commercial radar equipment.


Engineering – Electrical, Mechanical, Controls

Project Management

Software Development

Business Development

Systems Design

Business Management

Hardware-Software Integration

Proposal Generation

Testing and Validation

Personnel Management

Budget/Financial Controls




Professional Experience


Raymond Technical Services, LLC, Beavercreek, OH (Jan 2005- present) – President.


- Business development, cost and technical proposal generation, project management.

- Software development - Developing post processing software for Agilent. The software is being marketed as part of Agilent’s testing hardware (spectrum analyzers and digital oscilloscopes). Responsible for design, coding, testing, and marketing. Released 2009.

- Principal Investigator for Air Force investigation ($3.5M contract) into characterizing the effects of directed energy weapons on electric aircraft flight control systems. The investigations included multiple military and commercial actuation systems and testing at multiple Government facilities.

- Principal Investigator for Air Force assessment of optical technologies related to use in primary flight control systems.

- Designed and implemented control system for high performance actuation test stand.

- Actuation consultant to NASA on SOFIA program (airborne infrared telescope).



Dynamic Controls, Inc., Dayton, OH (1988-2005) – Principal Engineer.


- Developed digital control and data acquisition systems for actuator health monitoring for Parker-Hannifin.

- Designed, implemented multi-axis digital control system for NextGen morphing wing test.

- Developed optical IGBT drive system for HR/Textron.

- Led program on actuator health monitoring investigation.

- Principal investigator for AFRL/MTV program. Developed optical sensors and optical IGBT drive. Integrated system with BAE Systems controller.

- Led architecture and V&V effort on the EPAD program. Designed and implemented fiber optic-to-aileron actuator interface and control system. Software designer for interface box. Provided system integration and flight test support at NASA/Dryden.

- Designed and implemented a CANBus-driven actuator for MPC Products.

- Part of review team for the Undersecretary of Defense to assess the readiness of the F/A-22 program to advance to full-rate production.

- Actuation consultant to NASA on X-37 (reusable launch vehicle), X-38 (crew return vehicle), X-43 (hypersonic research vehicle – Mach 7 & 10) programs.

- Led team effort to design and implement a multiple degree-of-freedom control system. Integrated dynamic structural analysis with controls analysis to produce multi-degree-of-freedom electrohydraulic control system for runway testing for the FAA.

- Designed and implemented motion control system for 6-legged platform at AK Steel.

- Created and implemented data acquisition and pump control system for AFRL/Materials Lab.

- Responsible for general and technical management of business. 

- Created cost estimates, generated technical and cost proposals, and specifications.



AICOMM, Inc., Raleigh, NC (1987-1988) – Designed and implemented wireless automated speech recognition system for factory control.

Carolina Power & Light, Raleigh, NC (1984-1985)

Control Data Corporation, Portland, OR (1980-1984)

Bingham Willamette Co., Portland, OR (1976-1980)

General Electric, Schenectady, NY (1974-1976)





Masters in Systems Engineering – North Carolina State University, 1987

MBA – University of Portland, 1982

BSME – Clarkson University, 1974


Coursework in EMI/EMC, DSP, aeronautics, and pattern recognition

Professional Engineering license (Oregon #10300)

Security Clearance – Secret