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Raymond Technical Services, LLC, provids electrical, mechanical, software, and control engineering services.  Our forte is taking an idea from concept to working model.  We design, develop, and build prototype systems.





   10 Lackawanna Ct.

   Spanish Fort, AL  36527


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RTS has experience working with the Air Force, NASA, and numerous companies on a wide variety of projects, with a special emphasis on flight actuation.


Air Force programs include design and fabrication of an optically controlled actuator and EMC characterization of flight control hardware.



Commercial projects include post processing software for radar markets, multi-axis control systems, equipment health monitoring, and various motion control systems.


NASA programs include SOFIA (airborne infrared telescope), the X-37 (Reusable Launch Vehicle), X-38 (Crew Return Vehicle), X-43 (Hyper-X hypersonic flight test vehicle, Mach 10), EPAD (electric actuation for primary flight control).

Experience Highlights


* Assess vulnerability of electric
    actuators to EMI generated by


        Mechanical, Electrical, Controls Engineering

        Software Development

        Interface Requirements Definition

        Mechanical Analysis and Design

        Electrical Analysis and Design

        System Characterization


        System and Mathematical Modeling

        Laser/Photonics/Fiber Optics Experience

        Software/Hardware Integration

        System Integration

        System Architecture Design

        Software Requirements Definition and Software Design

        Embedded Software Design

        RF Measurement

    directed energy weapon.

* Create post processing software for radar systems characterization and testing

* Develop modular optical controller.

* Test and evaluate components for optically-driven flight control EMA system.

* Develop digital control and data acquisition systems for actuator health monitoring.

* Design and implement multi-axis digital control system for morphing wing test.

* Develop optical IGBT drive system.

* Lead architectural design and V&V effort for fiber optic-to-aileron actuator interface and control system.

* Design CANBus-driven actuator.


Bruce Raymond, President of RTS, has over thirty years of experience in management, design, implementation, and testing of hardware and software systems.  He has experience in the DoD and commercial arenas.  He has a Masterís degree in Systems Engineering, an MBA, a BSME, and a Professional Engineering license.