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raymond technical services, llc, provides electrical, mechanical, and control engineering, and software services. Our forte is designing, developing, and building one-of-a-kind and prototype systems and making hardware and software work together. We are able to integrate digital and analog hardware, software, and mechanical hardware to generate optimal solutions to engineering problems. RTS has experience working with the Air Force, NASA, and numerous companies on a wide variety of programs, with a special emphasis on flight actuation.

the Air Force programs include:

  • design and fabrication of an optically-controlled actuator
  • EMC characterization of flight control hardware

NASA programs include:

  • SOFIA (airborne infrared telescope)
  • X-37 (Reusable Launch Vehicle)
  • X-38 (Crew Return Vehicle)
  • X-43A (Hyper-X hypersonic flight test vehicle - Mach 7 & Mach 10)
  • EPAD (electric actuation for primary flight control)

commercial projects include:

  • post processing software working inside of spectrum analyzers and digital oscilloscopes
  • controller for high performance test stand
  • heavy equipment control system
  • actuator health monitoring
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